Internet Marketing

Internet Strategy, Email Marketing, Online Advertising & Search Engine Optimization

The emergence of the internet has opened up unparallel opportunities for dynamic businesses to reach new customers. However, just like the conventional physical world of business it requires the correct strategy, investment & deployment.
Originally when businesses where having a website created for them, they viewed it as necessary expense like a business card or brochure. Smarter business viewed their website as an area of their marketing budget that must show competitive return on investment.
These smarter businesses reviewed their website traffic and quickly realized that the investment was underperforming as no one was coming to their website. Very quickly internet marketing was born of the need to generate targeted traffic to business website.
The first stage of internet marketing is actually to ensure your website is representative of your business. If the design and construction of a website is amateur visitors will perceive the business is amateur. A website must also clearly market the goods & service of a company to its target audience, providing a clear call to action, encouraging and converting visitors into customers. This is the internet strategy of a website and it is the reason at XLN Web Designs we consider the marketing of a website before we start the design.
Within Internet Marketing there are four key services XLN Web Designs can deliver to improve your businesses online: Internet strategy, Email Marketing, Online advertising & Search Engine Optimization.

Internet Strategy

Why are you doing business online? How are your potential customers going to interact with your business online. Which web technologies will best promote your business? These are the questions asked whilst conducting your internet strategy.

Email Marketing

Utilizing your existing customer base is the first step of successful internet marketing as visitors who have bought of you before a highly likely to do so again in the future. Using Email Marketing you can place your company’s latest offers directly into their email inbox at pre-determined times of the year. Using promotional offers you can urge web visitors to join your email list so they can be marketed to in the future.

Online Advertising

One of the easiest ways to get traffic to your website is to have other website's send it to you. This is the fundamental basis of online advertising. People are already out there visiting website's they know of, for a small investment they could be visiting yours. With the advent of technologies such as Google Ad-words you can now buy targeted traffic to your website on a pay per visit basis.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What could be better than free promotion? By structuring your website correctly you could have people come directly to your website from the world most visited website's; the Search Engines. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is a science in its own right and with the right investment it could be the cheapest website promotion you will ever get.

Next Steps...

Successfully marketing online involves many separate disciplines. If you’re wondering what your next step should be, then feel free to contact  XLN Web Designs and we can take it from there.